Opportunity contact role represents the role of contact or person account on opportunity. Many to many relationships between Opportunity and Contact, through Junction object called Opportunity Contact Role. You can unlimited opportunity contact role in opportunity. You can add any contact from any account.


Let’s we take an example, Mira shah might be Quality Controller for the opportunity “Miraforce”, and Steve Thomas might be Evaluator for same opportunity.

How to define Contact Role?

Go to the Set up | Object Manager | Find Opportunity Contact Role | Go to the Fields & Relationships | Click on Role | Click New | Add New Role name | Click Save. Follow the screenshots below.How to define Contact Role

Opportunty Contact Role

Choose Opportunty Contact Role

Contact Role on Opportunty

I have added Quality Controller role here. If you want to reorder, click on Reorder as per below screenshot. You can reorder according your requirements or Display values alphabetically | Click Save. Follow the screenshots below.

Add New Contact Role

Add New Contact Role Order

How to add contacts as a Contact Role inside Any Opportunity?

Go to the Opportunity tab | Choose/open any Opportunity that you want to add Contact Role| Go to the Related List and find Contact Roles | Add Contact Roles | Choose Username | Click Next | Choose Role | Click Save. Follow the screenshots below.

How to add contact Role inside any Opportunity

Add contact Roles

Add contact Roles or primary contact role

Rlated List Opportunity contact Role



All done. Very easy to create an Opportunity contact role and assign to the user.

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